Attending classes is a chance to slow down, relax through correct breathing, and see improvements in my posture and strength each week. I find Shelley a very talented and knowledgeable pilates tutor and life coach. She provides solutions each week to both compliment my other fitness exercise and to work on the sore areas that need ongoing TLC. Highly recommended.

– Robert


Class offerings

Pilates – All Pilates classes are mat classes, with occasional use of props. Thick AIREX mats and props are provided.

Ashtanga Yoga – Ideal for bringing suppleness and strength to your body. Great for athletes of all levels.

Tai Chi Yang Style (short form) – A condensed form of the classical Yang Style. It is the most popular style in the World. It is easy to learn and takes less time to perform. Learning new styles is beneficial as it helps to achieve a higher level and better insight into Tai Chi.

Class reservations are required.

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Also offering services in

  • Private One on One Sessions
  • Private Group Sessions
  • Physical Assessments

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching – Integration of Nutritional and Physical assessments along with personal coaching to achieve your individual health goals. Weight loss, Stress Reduction, Addictions, Depression, Life Goals.

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