The approach taken has not just been to give me exercises to do, but to take a holistic approach to my future wellness. We all need that guidance in life.

– Robert


Shelley Quinn

Bio Shelley Quinn and family
Shelley Quinn, and family

Originally from Huntsville, Alabama in the United States, I moved to New Zealand and shortly after started Star Holistic Fitness Studio. Through this I am privileged to teach Pilates, Yoga, Zen meditation, natural movement, and breathing, but don’t be surprised if I mix in elements of Hanna Somatics, modern and ballet, or even emotional coaching! I hold a BA in Art and BA in French from the University of Montevallo 2003, and my certifications include American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Certification, Chek Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach, MovNat Certified Trainer, and I have recently acheived Chek Institute Exercise Coach certification!

While Star Holistic Fitness Studio is small, it has benefited clients in amazing ways and I am privileged to see this. I have to admit I am always learning something new about the human body through improving my students’ bodies and through working on my own. I like to say I am calibrating bodies and minds. For me this means learning ways to reteach the body and mind to what it already knows. I believe our bodies are capable of more than we think. It’s a matter of unlocking doors, though how we unlock them can be tricky, and I am playing with surrendering more and letting go of preconceptions I hold about my own body and opening up to the discoveries of what’s actually there instead of what I think should be there.

My goal for the end of a session is for each client to feel energized and renewed and perhaps even inspired to take action in their own life’s missions.

I am grateful to be a mother to two young boys. Watching their development offers me a motivating source of constant fascination for life and it’s preciousness.



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